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Shaving Cream? Ink? Mica flakes? Domino tiles? Heat gun? All this for making a card? Absolutely! My curiosity and passion for experimenting allows me to create unique Art Cards, with surprising elements. I use advance techniques to draw my customers in. My philosophy is to engage all senses- see my cards, touch them, even smell some of them! All my cards are hand-crafted- and most of them are truly one of a kind!


My passion for my art as well as my attention to detail and knowledge of customer service satisfy the most demanding clients.


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Pia Mueller

Owner and Card Artist


Phone: 908-858-0096


Where to Find us:

pia-creations LLC 

Summit, New Jersey


My cards are now at MONDO, Springfield Ave, Summit, NJ



# 908-858-0096

My Specialized ART CARDS, as well as Special Occasions Cards, Notecards and bookmarks can be found at MONDO, Summit, as of today!

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